Advantages of Leakage test system

  • Low cost solution with high performance1We always focused on reasonable price with high performance solution for every single unit. The investmen cost of the customer will be reduced and customer is always getting more than what they paid to.
  • Easy maintence4Maintenance is no longer a tough job in our system. Walk way will be provided in order to access to the main components of the system.
  • Fast delivery & ease of maintenance7Modularize in our system helps to expedite the design & assembly processes. Maintenance task will be as easy as plug and play.
  • User friendly controlling system2We provides touch panel with fascinating Graphical User Interface (GUI), simple and understanable controlling design.
  • Ergonomic working station5The work place are always designed in such a way that intended to provide maximum comfort and to avoid any injury, stress or hurt to the operator.
  • After sales support & service8We always give the best supports and services to our valuable customer no matter where and when.
  • Safety is key to success3We undergo risk assessmen in every single machine, no mater large or small, simple or complicated. We believed that “Safety is always a Key to open the door of Success.
  • Longer warranty periods6Extended warranty periods for main components in our system brings you to worry-free situation.
  • Global support on spare parts9Whenever you need a spare parts, you can easily get it from anywhere near to you.